Running The Gallery is getting expensive. I don't like ads. Everyone said asking directly is a terrible idea. That's precisely why I'm doing it.

Support The Gallery

If you can't, don't want to or don't care, that's not a problem and the link to go back to the homepage is right here.

The longer version.

You might be thinking, "What the hell is going on here?". But don't worry, nothing weird is happening. The Gallery is still here and it's not going anywhere. I'm simply stealing a minute of your time if I may.

Not going to come as a surprise if I say to you that running this site (or any site really) costs money. And The Gallery is not exactly a cash generating machine as you can imagine. And that's ok, that's not why the site exists after all. I don't want this site to become one of those galleries that charge money in order to get featured and I really don't want to have ads.

That said, I am trying to at least break even and although everyone is telling me that asking you directly is a shitty idea and it's not going to work, I decided to give it a try anyway. There's plenty of time to fallback on ads after all.

So here's the deal: if you use The Gallery, if it has any value to you or you simply want to help, please, consider sending a few coffees.

Help Support The Gallery

If instead you can't support, you don't want to or you just don't care then that's ok. You can go back to the homepage and keep browsing the site.

I'm probably only going to run this as a one time experiment and I'll definitely blog about the results.

Cheers, Manu