Hello and welcome to my annual experiment in website monetization. Manu here and let me start by saying I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Since its inception, back in 2014, this site has been designed, coded, maintaned, curated and paid by me. I never wanted this to become a commercial project like many other big galleries out there and I also never wanted to slowly transform it into a cesspool of Google or Carbon ads. The web is already awful enough and we all know that.

That said, running costs are slowly ramping up and I'd honestly love to at least break-even. Last year I experimented with a one-time fullscreen modal to ask for donations and that was a somewhat succesful experiment.

This time though, I decided to try this less invasive thumbnail approach. So here's the deal: there's a donorbox set up you can use if you want to chip in. No need to say that this is absolutely not mandatory.

Don't feel obligated to donate. If you do find any value in this website of mine and want to contribute, that's awesome. If you don't want to donate or if you simply can't, that's also fine by me.

Again, thank you for your time. As always, if you have any question get in touch via email.

Have a good one,