Hey hello and welcome to this tiny website of mine.
I really appreciate you being here and I hope this curated collection of websites can be as helpful to you as it is to me.

If you're reading this it probably means you want to contribute to this websites. That's great. Here are three ways in which you can do that.

1. Contribute with a link

No need to say that submissions are welcome. You can send me an email at contribute@thegallery.io with the link. I try to reply to all emails but things have been a bit busy in my life for the past 6 months so if I don't get back to you I apologise.

2. Contribute with a donation

I set up a page to collect donations if you want to help supporting the site. As you may or may not know, I'm not a big fan of advertising or sponsorships and all that stuff. I try to keep this site as simple and uncluttered as possible and ads do nothing but increase the noise. So if you want to chip in and help cover hosting costs I appreciate it.

3. Contribute with kindness

Lastly, you can simply reach out and say thank you. Kindness is always appreciated.